Drone Services

Hit the Mark uses its high resolution, broad range drones for:

  • Building Inspections - Drone inspections of any building and any height with detailed comprehensive high-resolution pictures or films.
  • Aerial Photography - From real estate photography to commercial aerial inspections, we can give you jaw dropping images and videos that will impress your customers.
  • Asset Management Photography - We obtain quality high-resolution images of your assets at any angle to make your professional asset portfolio look impressive.
  • Mapping - Create accurate detailed maps or 3D models of monuments or statures using high resolution images taken with our drones.
  • Thermal Imaging - Often used in mining, construction, electrical, surveillance and rescue where conventional thermal imaging is inaccessible.
  • Sporting Events - Capture the energy and excitement with angles and views that were, until now, inaccessible to give your viewers a whole different perspective of that special event.
  • Weddings & Special Celebrations - Beautiful aerial narratives to produce breath-taking aerial and close up pictures and/or films of your big day.

Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society.

- Bill Gates (co-founder of Microsoft Corporation)

Drones are used in and for:

  • Real Estate to product high definition videos and pictures. In the future they will be flying through neighbourhoods and every room in a listed house.
  • Film making and photography for aerial shots at special events and for news crews to capture breaking news from above.
  • Aerial patrol of water near beaches for sharks to prevent shark attacks.
  • Parcel delivery - in the near future there will be huge changes as to how parcels are delivered to your door.
  • Agricultural use such as livestock and crop management. In the future, farmers will use unmanned aircraft to monitor stock and spray their crops.
  • Disaster mitigation and relief. Drones are ideal for search and rescue missions with thermal sensors and delivery of medical supplies in remote regions.
  • Internet service providers are using large tech companies such as Google and Facebook to beam internet to remote locations which transform connectivity enormously.
  • Law enforcement to help with police presence at large events.
  • Military use of drones is already quite widespread.
  • Logistics, drones will replace trucks for inventory management and moving good between warehouses, reducing the number of heavy vehicles on the road.
  • Highly accurate drone navigation is very important in applications such as creating 3D mapping and surveying landscape in inaccessible terrain.