About Us

Mark Roser

  • Licenced Builder - Carpentry & Joinery trade background
  • Subsidence Advisory NSW Independent Assessment Approved Building Inspector and Estimator
  • Qualified Clerk of Works
  • Approved trainer and assessor Building and Construction NSW TAFE
  • Over 35 years’ experience in the construction industry
  • Responsible for the construction of over 10,000 homes

We uncover defects that other building inspectors don't see!

Hit The Mark building and pest inspections access areas that other home inspectors only dream about. A comprehensive Thermal Image Diagnostic Assessment and a Aerial Visual Inspection is provided with every inspection at no extra charge. Using an Australian first, cutting-edge technology we access each and every roof with photographic evidence of any defects found. We also provide a 12 hour turnaround on all reports.​

Property inspectors won't get onto your roof to visualise defects if:

  • The pitch is greater than 30 degrees
  • The roof is frosty or wet
  • Some inspectors are physically unable to get onto your roof
  • The roof is aged and walking on the roof would cause damage
  • If the roof cannot be accessed by a 3.6m ladder
  • The dwelling is two storeys or higher

Beware - Did you know that anyone can masquerade as a building inspector?

Fair Trading NSW do not licence building inspectors so it is advisable to check that the people you engage to inspect your property have the relevant qualifications and experience.​